Nanoha vs Madoka

Grawkaha. So I heard you missed me.

I have returned from the depths of hell intact. My manager, the one you know as Keith, told me to write this. And be the judge of this rant. Which he named after me~ GRAWKAHAHAHA. Oh right, lets get started. Today, its the fight of magical girls, the fight of those poor innocent third graders who got dragged into into a demonic world full of monstrosities that they need to destroy. WITH MAGIC. On the side of many friends, we have the StrikerS! And on the side of the Goddess Madoka, we have the Puella Magi! Lets see their innocent faces destroy each other in this contest. GRAWHAHAHA. We’ll have a total of 4 categories to determine who would be better fit.

1.The story of the Show. Self-expanitory.

2.Personality Self Explanatory.

3:Who would Win in a fight. SELF EXPLANITORY.

4.Anything Petty (Random facts, stuff I liked/disliked about it, It’ll probably be a point spree)


StrikerS                                                                                              Puella Magi

The three from here will be…                                                      The three from here will be..

Nanoha Takamachi                                                                      Madoka Kaname

Subaru Nakajima                                    VS                                 Tomoe Mami

Fate T.Haralown                                                                          Akemi Homura

So, lets start with the first category, story.

I’ll be using the story of Nanoha StrikerS vs the one of Madoka.

Well.. umm.. I think we obviously know the answer to this one, but, yeah. Nanoha StrikerS’s story is about Adult!Nanoha and Fate,Hayate, which is a character from A’s, the last season. She became a SS mage and leads Sector 6. All the while Nanoha trains a special force known as the Strikers, which consists of Subaru, Tiana, Erio, and Caro. Each of them have quite special abilities and they fight off the villain, Jail Scalligheti, kind of a standard magical girl plot, but yes. While Madoka’s story alien named Kyubey, who is granting wishes to young teenage girls, so they can become magical girls, fight off witches, and ultimately become witches themselves. So that Kyubeys race can stop entropy. Along with lots of mindfuck along the way, ultimately leading Madoka to become God. So yeah. I guess Madoka takes this.

Nanoha:0 Madoka:1

Characters:So I guess Ill be using backstory and personalities.


Nanoha:Well.. Umm.. she’s kinda like Madoka as a child actually, as how she was shown to be a little depressed in the 1st movie about how helpless she was. Later, when she becomes a magical girl, Nanoha tries to take a peaceful approach to problems, if that doesn’t work, she beats people down. Hard. And then they become friends. For her backstory, she’s again, much like Madoka. She happens to walk upon someone who makes a contract to become a magical girl, in this case, Yuno. Thats.. about it. And she’s called the White Devil by fans. YEAAAAH.

Subaru:For her backstory, she and her was tested on by the villain of StrikerS, Jail Scalleghti. Until some people took her in, but tragedy. Years before the events of the show, there was a burning ship that she and her sister was caught in, so Nanoha, like the awesome hero she is, saves her from a falling building, and blasts a giant laser through the roof of said ship, and flies out with her. She was at first, scared to get hurt or fight. But once Nanoha saved her, she eventually gets rid of this fear, and proceeds to become a mage. Oh. And she’s probably about the GARest Magical Girl ever. Seriously, who wouldn’t want spinning knuckles and a pair of talking rollarblades that makes roads in the sky.

Fate:She was the child of a scientist, who wanted to get the Jewel Seeds to help her mother, even though she tortures her. She wants to do this task because she still remembers her in a sane state. But,later, it turns out she is a clone of her daughter, and her mother goes mad. Even more then the beginning. Due to this fact, she helps any children who are lonely. Such as the other characters in StrikerS, Erio and Caro.

Madoka:At first, she’s your standard girl, happy, lots of friends, and all that! Then..he meets Kyubey. And everything goes to hell. She meets Mami, who proceeds to blast a witch with UNLIMITED MUSKET WORKS. Then.. she loses her head. Finally, Madoka becomes Shinji, by that, I mean she gets existential crises. A lot. And then, once deciding what she’s going to do, she becomes God.

Mami:Also appearing in the first episode, she’s like the Obi wan Kenobi to Madoka and Sayakas Luke Skywalker. Before becoming a magical girl, she nearly died, and then our adorable ferret fox rabbit thing that would look good on a stick comes and makes her a magical girl. In episode 3, it is revealed that she is pretty mentally unstable. And then she gets hyped up on the power of friendship. Which eventually ends up as..


Homura:Oh god. You just want to hug her. She’s been through time loop after time loop watching Mami,Sayaka, Kyouko, and Madoka die over and over. When she tries to warn them, they don’t believe her. And she was originally just a normal girl with a disease, too, then Madoka helped her by destroying a witch. Then at the Walpurgis Night, Madoka dies, and Homura makes a contract with Kyubey to rewind time, making Madoka stronger. Then when she tries to fight Walpurgis, she fails. Miserably. Then Madoka steps in and becomes god.

So um.. Nanoha:0, Madoka:2

3.Who would win in a fight.

Nanoha vs Madoka: If Madoka were stripped of her godhood, it would probably end like this..


But if she was God, then God wins. But my master Keith found a fine way  to settle this, ohohoho. Godoka, stripped of her immortality, but same power as god form. If we take in account Nanoha’s Blaster 3 system, and her STARLIGHT BREAKERS, and her experience, she would probably win. As we’ve seen, gods aren’t totally immortal. Like in God of War. But Madoka still has godly arrows of hope. But Blaster Three plus Round Shield could probably block some of those, and a few STARIGHT BREAKERS in the face, Nanoha would probably win.

Nanoha:1 Madoka 2

Subaru vs Mami:Mami would probably be on the ground, rapidly shooting her UNLIMITED MUSKET WORKS, While Subaru uses Wing Road and rides around avoiding the bullet, then leading to one huge punch to the head, effectively crushing the soul gem. But if Mami were to use her muskets in the sky, Subaru would probably have trouble dodging, but even then she can use Aggressor mode which increases her armor powers, then run up to Mami and punch to the head, crushing the soul gem.

Nanoha 2, Madoka 2.

Fate vs Homura:THIS is the hard one. Because Fate focuses on speed, and Homura can stop time. But as we’ve seen in the battle with Walpurga, she can only use this so many times. And Fate could probably make a shield before this happens, but the shield can only take so many rocket launchers.  Lets assume Homura can use it about..10 times before she runs out and each one lasts about 2 minutes. Could Fate’s shield last two minutes before it breaks from rockets? Probably. And then HomuHomu would probably run out of rockets, then she’d probably use grenades, which can definitely be blocked, machine guns, which could be blocked easily. Then once she runs out of magic, Fate could probably defeat Homura in her Sonic form.

Nanoha:3 Madoka:2

4.Anything Petty. This is basically random facts about random things from the show.

Madoka is the god of Magical Girls. Madoka 3.

The cast of Nanoha StirkerS would probably be stronger then Madoka. God excluded. Nanoha 4.

Puella Magi has endless supply of weapons. Madoka 5.

And thats it. So in the end, Madoka wins by one point. *Insert victory fanfare* NOW EXCUSE ME, IM GOING TO TAKE A BREAK.

Contrato! /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

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